Lucia Nirmala Schmidt

FlowTonic® was conceived and developed by Lucia Nirmala Schmidt, Workshop development and fine tuning involved experts such as Gunda Slomka (Sports Scientist), Daniela Mayer (Kinesiologist, Sports Therapist) and Martin Kühni (Physiotherapist).

FlowTonic® involves muscle groups and chains of muscles, while core stabilisation is maintained through the whole range of movements. The gliding Pads transform every movement and support movement flow. –This friction training allows soft, elegant movements that shape, firm and smooth the body and develops long, thin and beautiful muscles.
Exercises with FlowTonic® Pads serve to stretch and strengthen the body, helping to maintain the spine mobility and the joints strong.

Because of the simplicity of the programme’s principle and the soft and natural movements of the muscles and the joints, this unique exercise programme can be adapted to, or integrated into, any course format.

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